It’s an infectious enthusiasm for everything we do. Our clients always feel it through our commitment to their success, manufacturing the most creative product possible, and an understanding that we “get it”.

Kitamen isn’t just about what you play, but also a projection of our personal lifestyles, preferences and what we do best. We are driven by the movement of eSports & digital lifestyle, which we designed our niche talent around the things we see familiar growing up in South East Asia. This makes it even more personal for us; our sophisticated brand, through our eyes.

 It’s been almost a year since we first started with a handful of eSports projects – now a team of 25 strong, we’ve taken that handful of projects in establishing with awesome affiliates, business partners from both private and the government sectors.

Kitamen intends to create a market of technopreneurs & consumers that trust in the capability and quality of Malaysian products & services, majorly in eSports industry, at home and internationally, and at the same time to create a working environment that encourages people to push their limits to constantly produce better experiences for our customers.

Smart decisions and bold moves begin with an understanding of your business and the bigger picture. We dive deep into discovery of our brand identity, target audience and program objectives. Together we will collaborate and explore what’s possible, what makes sense and how we can push the boundaries to arrive at a strategic plan guided by higher thinking that endures.

Ultimately, we want to show the world what Malaysia is capable of.